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The West End Tavern
Excerpt from Dead Time

West End Tavern Deck

Photo By Conrad Thomaier

Sam had never been to the Grand Canyon. After discussing what Merideth wanted, and reading the file she'd accumulated, he had told her that the Grand Canyon was where he wanted to begin his inquiry.
     Merideth had offered to fly him to Vegas or Flagstaff and rent him a car for the comparatively short drive to the nearby Visitor's Center, but Sam was a man enamored of long road trips. He wanted to make the drive in his ancient Jeep Cherokee.
     We were having a beer at what had become our regular fair-weather spot in Boulder—the roof of the West End Tavern, not too far from his North Boulder house and not too far from my office downtown. New construction had spoiled the view from the roof, but we still gravitated up there.

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