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Devil's Thumb
Excerpt from The Last Lie

Devil's Thumb

Photo Credit: Ed Kahn

     He sat back. "You know Devil's Thumb?" he asked. "Above Chautauqua?"
     "South of the Flatirons? The big rock formation? I do."
     "Say you don't know the name of that big ol' rock. You're hiking the Mesa Trail and you look up at the big thing poking out from the Front Range, and somebody you're with asks you what the hell you think that rock looks like. What do you say?"
     I was thinking it was a trick question. "It looks kind of like a thumb," I said.
     "And?" Sam said. "What else does it kind of look like?"
     I could feel the warmth of the beer. "I've always thought it looks kind of like a dick."
"     Exactly," Sam said. "Same rock. Same angle. Same perspective. It's a thumb, or it's a dick. That's what the problem is with acquaintance rape. For one of the two people involved, it's a thumb. For the other, it's a dick. My experience is that there is no negotiating perception."

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