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The Buell Theatre
Excerpt from Harm's Way

Buell Theatre New

     After a drive that took most of an hour we arrived at the threshold of downtown Denver.  I turned into a side-street canyon shadowed by a few of the buildings of the mammoth Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  The many theatres and the adjacent parking garage of the huge complex were loosely connected by a wide concourse of concrete, stone, and brick.  Those meandering walkways were covered by a vaulting glass and aluminum canopy that was intended to be evocative of the Galleria in Milan.
     It wasn't.

     He led us down a basement corridor and then up a staircase that emptied into the lobby of the symphony hall.  From there we walked through a connecting vestibule that housed snack facilities and a bar and, finally, made our way up a ramp into the festive lobby of the Buell.  The upper levels of the theatre spilled out onto mezzanines and balconies that were suspended over the spacious lobby.  Staircases to the upper levels snaked boldly up into the light.

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