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Excerpt from Dry Ice


     I thought I was ready to follow him, but I wasn't. "Ever go to Snarf's, Cozy? Best thing to happen to that part of Pearl since Don's."
     "What," he asked. "is . . . Snarf"s?"
     Snarf's wasn't Cozy's kind of place. "It's a dive of a sandwich shop at 21st and Pearl. The old A&W? You really should try it, but promise me you'll be nice to the girls at the counter." I was about to add a caution that the girls at the counter might not always be nice to him until I noted that he was staring at me as though he had just realized I was mentally challenged. I pressed on, unfazed. "What about Salvaggio's, Cozy? You go there, right? Hell, there's one at the damn corner. The capicolla? Come on. Tell me you do."
     "Your dead patient, Alan? If I may divert your attention from . . . cold cuts."

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