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Skull & Bones
Excerpt from The Siege

Skull and Bones

     I took a detour first. I walked down High Street past a few residence halls—the map called them "colleges" for some reason that I didn't understand. I kept going until I got to the block that included the Skull & Bones tomb.
     A campus patrol car was parked at the curb about fifty feet away, almost directly across from a tall stone tower. An officer sat at the wheel.
     The tomb the cop was monitoring was another damn fortress. Squat, blunt, brown, and, although I wouldn't have considered it possible, even more unwelcoming in design than Book & Snake. I thought Skull & Bones looked more like an abandoned Civil War armory than any kind of fancy-pants secret society meeting hall.
     Like Book & Snake, the Skull & Bones tomb was a building that had apparently been designed to appear smaller than it really was. Unlike Book & Snake, the Skull & Bones tomb had at least two windows fronting the street—though the openings were such narrow slits that their only worthwhile use would be as archer ports.
     The law-enforcement arithmetic was simple enough—cops were posted in front of both Skull & Bones and Book & Snake, but there was slightly more police interest in Book & Snake than there was at Skull & Bones.
     What did that mean? Something, presumably.

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