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Six Flags Elitch Gardens
Excerpt from Warning Signs

Six Flags

     She looked out the windshield.  Ramp had parked in one of the big lots flanking the banks of the South Platte River just east of Denver's new aquarium, Colorado's Ocean Journey. On the river, a couple of hardy early-season kayakers were slicing across the abbreviated rapids at the confluence of the South Platte and Cherry Creek. On the other side of the river was Six Flags Elitch Gardens, and beyond it, the downtown skyline.
     Ramp lifted some binoculars from the floor in front of his seat and raised them to his eyes.  To Lucy, it appeared that he was examining something in the sky that was just above the jagged profile of the amusement park. In the early morning light the park looked forlorn and insincere, the way a saloon looks after hours when the cleaning floods are on bright.

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