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Phinizy Swamp Nature Park
Excerpt from Blinded

Phinizy Swamp XIIIrev

Photo By Tom Jones

From Chapter Twelve

     She hated swamps and everything that lived in them. She hated snakes. She hated alligators. She hated frogs. She even hated the damn harmless dragonflies. When she was thirteen, one had become tangled in her hair at school. She'd been so frightened by the buzzing and flapping that she'd pulled the hallway fire alarm to get some help.
     Her friends had never let her forget it.
     She told herself not to panic in the swamp. There was a way out. She had to find the way out.

                                      - - - - - -

     She'd lived in Augusta for four years. During that time she'd never visited the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park. Not once. She hated swamps. A girlfriend had once said something about there being bobcats out here.
     Bobcats? She shivered.
     She preferred golf courses.

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