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Papaya King
Excerpt from Kill Me

Papaya King

Photo Courtesy of Margery Bloom

     Like Nobu, Papaya King is one of those restaurants in New York City that lives up to its hype. At Papaya King, the hype is about hot dogs.

            ....    ...

     "So what are you getting?" she asked.
     I didn't have to look up at the menu board: I knew my Papaya King preferences by heart. I said, "An Original Special with a Tropical Breeze. Or—if I feel especially adventurous when we finally get up to the counter—I may just go for a couple of Slaw Dogs and a Tropical Breeze. What about you?"
     "You don't get curly fries? I love their curly fries."
     "I'll steal some of yours."
     "Try and you'll leave the city without one or two of your favorite fingers."

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