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Crescent Bay
Excerpt from Blinded

Crescent Bayrev

Photo By Jenny Devlin

From Chapter Five

     Louise had walked down the path to Crescent Bay from her flat on the cliff above the beach a hundred times. A thousand. She could have dodged the fat ropes of seaweed on the sand in her sleep. From where the shoreline started at the foot of the trail to the beginning of the rough rocks on the north end of the horseshoe cove wasn't more than a few dozen steps. Carrying her old trainers in her hands, she crossed the area in seconds, careful to stay above the high-tide line. The beach had already yielded the day's heat, and the sand that crept up between her toes was cool and dry.
     She wondered what he had planned.
     Something imaginative, she hoped. God, she needed a man to show some imagination.

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