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Citizen's National Bank Building
Excerpt from Remote Control

Citizens National Bank

     The next time Alan and Lauren saw Ethan and Emma together as a couple was less than two weeks after the softball game. The occasion was a Sunday-night dinner party at Han's flat in the Citizens National Bank Building on the fourteen hundred block of the Downtown Boulder Mall. 

     "Which building is it, Raoul?"
     Raoul seemed not to hear.  Diane said, "It's the macho one—the big old bank with all the pillars down at the dead end of the Mall."
     They walked mostly in silence the rest of the way, enjoying the late-summer flowers and coleus, and the unexpected peacefulness of the brick-lined paths on an autumn Sunday.
     Raoul said, "This is it," leading them through some glass doors into the lobby of the prominent stone building.
     A stately staircase led to the second floor and from there a fire door blocked their path. The fire door off the second-floor landing of the century-old bank building was controlled by a doorbell-buzzer system. Raoul punched the button and they waited to be buzzed in. When no one came, he took out his keys and let them all in the door. A long flight of dark stairs led to the third floor.
     Diane said, "I always thought this whole place was nothing but retail and offices."
     "Was, I think," Lauren said. "Ethan carved out a small apartment in back. Emma said he has the whole third floor; he uses most of it for his computers and research."

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