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Casey, Bouvier des Flandres
Excerpt from Privileged Information


     The big dog could never decide where to sit in the Subaru.  If it was warm, she wanted the universal dog position—shotgun with the window open.  On cold days, like this one, she fought canine ambivalence.  Sometimes she balled up on the floor in front of the passenger seat until the heater began to curl her hair. Other times she tried to balance on the seat, facing forward, like her master. Curves and deceleration usually rendered this a precarious choice.  The best place for her—she knew it and I knew it—was in the broad expanse of the back of the wagon, but it was at least four feet from me, and she rarely gave it a try without some verbal coercion.

(This was Stephen's dog, Casey. She was the inspiration behind Cicero and Emily, Alan Gregory's dogs in the books.  For more information about this particular breed check out a Bouvier des Flandres web site.)

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