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Notre Dame Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Excerpt from Blinded

Basilica 1rev

Photo By Anne Fleming

From Chapter 53

     Some secular universities have chapels; some Catholic universities have elaborate churches. Notre Dame University has a basilica.
     Holly was waiting for Sterling opposite the Chapel of the Reliquaries in the vaulting nave of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

From Chapter 56 


     The Basilica of the Sacred Heart was a monument to something. Had to be. I spent ten minutes walking around inside the giant church like a tourist at some Midwestern Vatican, but I couldn't decide precisely what the pompous shrine was intended to honor. God? I came from a tradition of simple prairie churches with inadequate heat in the winter and nonexistent air conditioning in the summer. I wasn't raised to pray to a God who sat around heaven with His saints counting His cathedrals and basilicas like Midas counting his gold; a God who cared whether the glass in His windows was stained or the bronze on His altars was gilded.
     Certainly not a God who gave a hoot whether Notre Dame beat Michigan. My old man once told me that if God cares who wins a football game while people are starving in Africa, we can all just give up. That hell on earth is just around the corner. My old man was not a genius, far from it, but he got that right.

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