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"When can a psychologist go to the police about a client without violating the doctor/patient contract? Boulder psychologist Alan Gregory, veteran of nine previous White suspense novels, wrestles with this dilemma in White's latest top-flight thriller. ...White deliciously taunts the reader with his trademark twists, smoothly weaving plots together and sprinkling red herrings among the solid clues." — Publishers Weekly

"White is a master of the thriller... Highly recommended." – Library Journal

"The suspense-filled curtain-raiser, the discovery of the Boulder District Attorney's corpse, provides one of the few quiet moments in clinical psychologist Alan Gregory's latest bomb-enriched thriller. ...a series of explosions that will send the case screaming out of the mystery category into the trajectory of the greased-lightning thriller...White runs the whole gamut from whodunit to duck-and-cover." – Kirkus Reviews

"In Warning Signs, the 10th novel in the series, White weaves together two compelling stories... White's work required reading for thriller fans." – The Miami Herald

"...will be among the best published during 2002. ...Mountain storms, cliff-side confidences, family loyalty and family betrayal prove at least a match for jurisprudence, legal arguments, police tactics and medical ethics. The result is explosions." – The Advocate

"Warning Signs is the tenth book in the series and surely ranks right up there with the best. ...So if you are looking for a good read, pick up any of Stephen White's books — Warning Signs would be a great place to start." – Mystery News

"Warning Signs is an absorbing legal thriller and police procedural that shows what goes into creating an ugly situation such as Columbine. Alan Gregory, through his professional skills, gives the police (and the audience) some alarming insights into what motivates a teenager to kill and how he justifies it to himself." – Harriet Klausner, Customer Review


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