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The Program (2001)

"...a multidimensional, complex, and vividly realized novel." —

     The Program depends on secrecy.
     The Program safeguards the truth.
     But what happens when the truth is an open secret?
     Imagine a character as multidimensional as The Sopranos Tony Soprano in the Witness Protection Program.  Pair him with a mother and daughter in deep peril and on the run.  Add clinical psychologist Alan Gregory, tasked with helping them negotiate their new lives.  All of them depend on the safety net of witness protection, but the program has an agenda all its own.
     "Every precious thing I lose, you will lose two."  A condemned man's last words to Kirsten Lord, a New Orleans District Attorney, are the beginning.  Fleeing the wrath of the man's vengeance, Lord and her young daughter have no other choice but to accept the Witness Protection Program's offer to hide them in Boulder, Colorado.  Enter Carl Luppo, a solitary mob hit man, tormented by his former life and with nothing but time for regret.  Luppo senses Lord has been compromised and sees his shot at a new path toward redemption. 





The Program (USA)

Dell Paperback, ISBN: 0440237262

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