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Private Practices (1992)

"Intriguing…this psycho-thriller provides solid, satisfying entertainment."  – The San Diego Union Tribune

     Why have two witnesses scheduled to appear before a local grand jury died violently just prior to giving their testimony?  That's what Detective Sam Purdy, thrust into an uneasy partnership with Dr. Gregory, wants to know.  From the first pages of the novel, when Gregory's office is invaded by a homicidal husband seeking revenge on his wife for her decision to divorce him, until Private Practices powerful climax, Purdy and Gregory strive to make sense of the pieces of an increasingly complex puzzle.  In these Rocky Mountains, nothing is quite as it seems.
     A pivotal character is one of Dr. Gregory's patients, seventeen-year-old Randy Navens.  He has been in psychotherapy since he survived a plane crash that claimed the lives of his parents and his sister.  Now he is living with his aunt and uncle, and is haunted by nightmares and suicidal impulses.  The unique course of his treatment takes Alan Gregory on a quest that soon ensnarls both doctor and patient in a dangerous web that threatens both their lives. 
     Together with a cast of alluring new players, the rich characters who made White's debut novel so captivating are there, too—Gregory's partner, Diane Estevez; his neighbor Adrienne, the wisecracking urologist; and the growing love of his life, Deputy District Attorney Lauren Crowder.





Private Practices

Signet Paperback  ISBN: 0451404319

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