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"Missing Persons is White's 13th book. It also is his best. White continues to grow as a writer. Not settling just for big sales and best-seller lists, White obviously works to become a better writer each time out." – Denver Post

"Bestseller White's 13th Alan Gregory thriller gets off to a fast start... usual the author, himself a psychologist, uses his professional knowledge to paint a convincing backdrop of the world of clinical practice. Expect another bestseller."
Publishers Weekly

"...nothing is coincidental in a White murder mystery, and once again, he expertly places the good doctor in the middle of one doozy of a whodunit. ...While White draws his characters with an uncommon depth and richness for the mystery genre, he paints no character better than the city of Boulder itself: the mountains, the sudden gusty weather, the bustling city center—all play a role. ...Another fine addition to a popular series." – Booklist

With an emphasis on mental illness, this installment is sadder and a little less suspenseful than others in the series, but the pleasure is in seeing these well-developed characters in action again. That alone makes this essential."
Library Journal

"New York Times
–bestselling author Stephen White offers readers fascinating glimpses into the human psyche, blended with real-world details and heart-stopping suspense."
Barnes And Noble Editorial Review

"Missing Persons
, the 13th installment in the series, is a taut, edgy thriller, abounding in red-herring leads that go off in all directions. It's also a close look at police work and at psychological ethics as Gregory, the narrator, battles with his conscience about how much information he can share with police without violating the patients' confidentiality he has sworn to maintain." – The Daily Camera

"...a psychological thriller that will capture readers' interest until the very end. Missing Persons is the latest in Stephen White's acclaimed series featuring conscientious clinical psychologist and congenial family man Alan Gregory. It's another captivating read. ...White's imaginative and clinical mind seems to know no boundaries in inventing creative plots. And his knowledge of the human psyche provides insights about the workings of a mind skewed by trauma or uncommon life experiences." – Rocky Mountain News

"White has a unique ability to pair edge-of-your-seat thrills with Gregory's calm, fulfilling family life. The first-person narration by Gregory is thoughtful and well done. This novel is as suspenseful as White's other thrillers and is hard to put down. The intricate plot nuances are easy to follow and draw the reader into a web of secrecy and intrigue, obliging a race through the pages to find out what happens to everyone."
– The Flint Journal

"White is simply incredible. His novels are fabulous and have been getting incrementally better with each new release. Accordingly, if you're one of the lucky ones familiar with White's work, you're expecting something really, really good with MISSING PERSONS. The Man delivers. ...As improbable as it may seem, White appears to be documenting Colorado in general and Boulder in particular at the beginning of the 21st century in the same manner and with the same acumen as Ross MacDonald and Raymond Chandler did with southern California and Los Angeles in the middle third of the 20th century. Stephen White is a major talent who, if there is any justice, will obtain the major recognition he deserves." – Joe Hartlaub,

"Stephen White does a superb job of creating psychological suspense." – Colleen Marion, The Bookies Bookstore, Denver, CO

"One of the best Stephen White's I've ever read, and I'm a big fan anyway." –

"With the humanizing family life of Gregory, what could be a know-it-all, busybody of a character becomes a man in search of answers when none float to the surface of their own accord. The characters are what propel this thriller beyond formula to refined fiction." –

"Once a reader picks up the novel, it's hard to put down, as momentum snowballs with each turn of a page. Gregory's investigation involves discussion and introspection, exploring what if's and questioning unknowns. ...This is the first I'd read by Stephen White, and I highly recommend Missing Persons to mystery buffs as a masterly read." –


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