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Manner Of Death (1999)

"...pulls readers along like a steam train."  - The Denver Post

     Seventeen years after their relationship ended, clinical psychologist Alan Gregory is about to be reunited with Sawyer Sackett, the woman he once loved. Married and at peace with himself and the life he has built with Boulder County Assistant D.A. Lauren Crowder, Alan isn't eager to revisit painful memories. But keeping the past buried could mean the difference between life and death: He and Sawyer have just been targeted by a mass murderer with a chilling agenda.
     It begins at the funeral of one of Alan's former colleagues, a psychiatrist who died in a tragic climbing accident.  But the two ex-FBI agents who approach him afterward are calling Arnie Dresser's untimely death something else: the latest in a series of ingeniously planned, brilliantly executed slayings that have already taken the lives of five others. The link between all of the victims is the psychiatric unit at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where as an intern Alan first met and fell in love with Sawyer.
     With the pressure on to help find this madman before they become the next victims, Alan and Sawyer must sift through the clues of their mutual history—a past that is much closer than either imagines. As Alan relives the joys and agonies of his unfinished relationship with Sawyer, he struggles with issues of doctor-patient confidentiality as well as with a very real threat to his marriage.
     But when his life—and the life of the person closest to him—come under violent attack, he devises a plan to force his adversary into the open.  Soon he is moving into the sights of a dangerously disturbed killer—and deeper into an unsolved mystery buried in the annals of modern American crime.


Manner of Death

Signet Paperback, ISBN: 0451197038

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