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Reviews of Line of Fire

"Longtime fans and newcomers alike will enjoy spending time in the company of the always hospitable Gregory. In an author's note, White explains why he's bringing the series to an end with the 20th installment. There's one patient left in the waiting room, however. Let's hope it's a long session."
Publishers Weekly

"Line of Fire is a Stephen White thriller at its best—a juicy and very complicated crime with characters drawn close to the heart. The ending is unforeseen, leaving loose ends to be tied up in the final mystery, which is now underway."
Denver Post

"Fans will love how the threads from the other books weave into a complex tapestry. Newcomers will find a compelling mystery set against the beautiful Colorado landscape amid raging wildfires."
— Associated Press

"White is a fine storyteller, and Gregory is a complex, compelling character whom fans have grown to love and respect. It will be hard for them to say good-bye, but at least his creator appears to be planning to give him a first-class send-off."
— Booklist

"White brings his own unique "A" game to LINE OF FIRE.  ...put LINE OF FIRE on your must-read list."

"Readers will watch — at times, completely mystified — as the careers of Alan and Sam begin to unravel. This is truly a perfect lead-in to what is sure to be a 'final act' of epic proportions for Stephen White's popular cast of characters."
— Suspense Magazine

"Line of Fire grips readers from the first few pages and doesn't let go until the last page is turned."
— Southern Colorado Literature Examiner

"emotional, thrilling ride with all the elements of a good story – crime, sex, betrayal, friendship, love, lies, family"

"Line of Fire is such a fitting book to begin the end — White ratchets up the tension, brings together a lot of series characters, and fearlessly takes his beloved characters to dark, unpredictable places. If this book is any indication, the Alan Gregory series will end with a flourish. Well done, Mr. White."
— Literary Treats

"White makes it clear that Alan's 19th appearance is his penultimate case; the next case will be his swan song. Judging from the risks he takes this time, fans won't want to miss the sequel."
 — Kirkus Reviews


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