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The Last Lie (2010)

In The Last Lie, White returns to his Alan Gregory series roots with the popular characters and Boulder setting that first launched him onto the bestseller lists and attracted legions of fiercely loyal fans.

Shortly after Alan and Lauren welcome their affluent new neighbors — a legal legend in women's rights law and his beautiful wife — the couple hosts a housewarming party that ends in quiet disaster. One of their guests, a young widow, elects to spend the night after indulging in too much wine, only to wake the next morning with no memory beyond getting ready for bed. Was she drugged? Raped?

Lauren, a deputy district attorney, and detective Sam Purdy are both privy to facts they can't share with Alan, but Alan soon discovers that he has a most unusual perspective into what truly happened after the housewarming. Before Alan can discover all the pieces to the puzzle, an important witness to the events is murdered. Alan fears that other witnesses — people he loves — will be next.

The Last Lie is available now in hardcover and paperback in the USA and Canada. It is available as an eBook and audiobook, too. Read an excerpt, reviews, and an interview with Stephen. Be sure to check out the list of bonus links that Stephen created for this book. The audiobook was read by Dick Hill, published by Brilliance Audio. 


The Last Lie paperback (USA) by Stephen White

Signet (USA) Paperback 2011


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