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Reviews Of The Last Lie

"The result is a satisfying page-turner that convinces the new reader to read back into the series, and makes the familiar reader impatient for the next installment."
— Robin Vidimos, Denver Post

"With his usual deftness, White mixes psychological thriller with police procedural, all while making room for the characters to develop and interact."
— Mary Frances Wilkens, Booklist

"White keeps the suspense high as always."
— Craig Shufelt, Library Journal

"It's like a little vacation to get wrapped up in a White book that has tense, threatening moments and some that contemplate calmer, yet complex aspects of life."
— Sonya Ellingboe, Highlands Ranch Herald

"I read a lot of books and most of them are pretty decent, but finding one that's great…that's a fairly rare treat. The Last Lie by Stephen White falls into the great category– Terrific plot, intriguing characters and a perfect pace. I see no way to improve this one."
— Marlene Pyle,

"THE LAST LIE shows Colorado author, Stephen White to be at his best, as he holds readers in suspense once more, along with his favorite hero, Dr. Alan Gregory. The talented White weaves a web of mystery, as Alan learns that his new neighbors are involved with the troubles of a patient of a fellow therapist, involving him indirectly with her therapy. Believing at first that he is not really involved, events unfold that place him right in the middle of the mix. As accusations fly, and attempts are made to keep a lid on things, Alan finds himself in a precarious position, as possibly the only person who can assure that justice is served. This story plot has more twists and turns than the winding mountain roads of Boulder and the surrounding area where it all takes place. Stephen White fans will not want to miss his latest work, which promises from page one not to disappoint."
— Kaye Lynne Booth, Southern Colorado Literature Examiner

"In White's winning 18th Alan Gregory thriller, the Boulder, Colo., psychologist gets off on the wrong foot with his new neighbor, TV-star lawyer Mattin Snow, by walking his dogs on Snow's property. In the wake of Snow's housewarming party, to which Alan wasn't invited, an unnamed female guest claims Snow raped her. Before the case can hit the press, the lawyers for both Snow and the victim close ranks and begin to work out a private financial settlement with the victim agreeing not to testify (a parallel to the real-life Kobe Bryant case a few years back, also in Colorado). Gregory becomes entangled in the case ethically when he learns that the victim is the client of a psychologist-in-training whom he's supervising. Series fans will enjoy catching up with the domestic doings of Alan and his wife, Lauren, who are beginning to patch up their marriage following recent infidelities, and their two children."
— Publishers Weekly

"Shutting the final page of White's newest installment to the popular Alan Gregory series, "The Last Lie," was akin to saying goodbye to a friend before a long journey. Realistic vibrations surge through the pages with an electric tempo, making it effortless to become acquainted or reacquainted with the Gregory family and other assorted cast members. ...With faultless pace, White excels at constructing tension infused situations and multilayered, believable characters in this intricate narrative."
—  Suspense Magazine


The Last Lie paperback (USA) by Stephen White

Signet (USA) Paperback 2011


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