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Selected, Selectively Annotated Hyperlinks,
The Last Lie

So, what is this, you wonder?

Fine question. With the advent of digital publishing and the proliferation of digital readers (think Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, iPad, etc.) I've been pondering the question of if — or more likely when — I'd be asked by a publisher to actually provide hyperlinks. To address my curiosity about what the process of hyperlinking my own work would be like, I've gone ahead and selected, and selectively annotated, pertinent potential (or sometimes tangential, but otherwise curious) hyperlinks from The Last Lie.

For the record, now that I've gone through this exercise I'm firmly in the camp of writers who would object to actually inserting clickable links within the digital framework of one of my books (in my opinion way too distracting to the experience of reading long narrative fiction—which is certainly a topic for another time and place) but I think I may be okay with attaching a glossary of links at the end of a novel, like the one you'll find below.

That is, as long as someone else writes said glossary and puts it together. Because this was a time consuming pain in the butt to compile. Just saying. I'm suspecting that after browsing what I've done you will all end up telling me you hope I have much better things to do with my time.

So, enjoy. Or not. Click. Or not.

(By the way, if—after reading The Last Lie—and perusing the list of hyperlinks I've chosen, you feel I've neglected an important hyperlink opportunity, please let Jane know. I'll consider adding your favorite.)

— Stephen White

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Louisville – Boulder's neighbor to the east, and the closest urban-ish center to Alan and Lauren's house. Locals know you're from out of town if you pronounce the town's name with a silent s. Around here, it's Lewis-ville.

Chapter 1.

Western Slope – the part of the Colorado Rocky Mountains on the western side of the Continental Divide.

Burning Man – hard to describe, sorry, you're probably better off having a couple of drinks and visiting the website, or better yet, taking a week off work and spending it in the Nevada desert.

M.I. – myocardial infarction; heart attack. Enough said.

DSM-5 – the bible of psychological and psychiatric diagnosing. The newest one, #5, is on the near horizon – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th Edition). Oddity? Lawyers seem to know this book better than doctors do. Go figure.

Black Rock Desert – a Nevada treasure that is not indoors and does not have slot machines, home of Burning Man.

Crocs – shoes I've never understood that were born and bred, but not manufactured, here in Colorado. I take no responsibility for them.,default,pd.html?cid=31N&cgid=women-footwear

Chapter 2.

Countertransference – transference is the scope of a patient's feelings towards his or her therapist; countertransference is the scope of a therapist's feelings towards his or her patient. It's actually interesting stuff, certainly more interesting than I just made it sound – I'm sending you to Wikipedia not because I consider it authoritative, but because I'm too lazy to read all the others and pick one for you.

Chapter 3.

Bouvier des Flandres – Emily's breed. Bonus: you get two links on this one. In case you're wondering, the first photo is (was) my second Bouv, Casey. Or, more endearingly, CaseyBear.
Casey and

Spanish Hills – Alan and Lauren's hillside neighborhood east of Boulder. It's rural, pricey, and has oh-my-god views to the west. If you stop at the scenic overlook on Highway 36 on the way into town, and turn so that the Rockies are on your left, you will be gazing upon Spanish Hills (if your eyes are open, of course).

Woody Guthrie – American singer/songwriter and the writer of the current song that Alan can't get out of his head.

Mehmet Oz, M.D. – an Oprah discovery, or creation, and a modern media phenomenon.

Chapter 4.

NBI – literally, Nothing But Initials – a memorable Boulder tech start up of, I believe, the eighties – the best link I can give you is to a group of NBI ghosts. There may be nothing better out there because NBI was gone before the Internet arrived.

Havanese – the national dog of Cuba, and Fiji's breed – once again you are blessed with two canine links.
Jonas and

Wind River Range – a Wyoming wilderness wonderland, and a place that Boulder's weather often visits before it approaches from the north.

Greeley – another place that Boulder's weather visits before approaching from the north, and once (who knows, maybe still; though I come from a long line of dairy farmers, I've never personally counted cows) home to the world's largest feedlot.

Weld County – Greeley's home county, for no other reason than because I'm feeling thorough at the moment.

Chapter 5.

Girlyman – Indie band, folk-rockish, terrific harmonies, curiously pleasing attitudes. Adrienne's fav – worth every bit of these two links. and

Chapter 6.

Gart Brothers – a Colorado homegrown sporting goods chain. Sold years ago to some other sporting goods chain from someplace else. For a little history.

Catalonia – Raoul's homeland, an autonomous region within Spain. Capital is Barcelona. Catalonia has a gorgeous language that will leave you shaking your head questioning whether you really did learn anything in high school Spanish.

Pain Perdu – literally, Lost Bread—what the French call what we call french toast. A fictional fine-dining establishment south of Boulder on Hwy 93, built around the ruins of a real fine dining establishment that burned down in the same location around the time that the city of Boulder decided to legalize alcohol. True story. The site is now part of Boulder's protected greenbelt. The best source, probably the only source, for the fictional information is:
Private Practices.

Frasca – a real Boulder fine dining establishment, one of the country's finest, featuring the cuisine of Fruili (but you knew that.) Worthy of all its hype.

L'Atelier -- yet another fine dining establishment, the latest in a series of gems from Radek Cerny. Shares the neighborhood at the eastern end of the Pearl Street Mall with Frasca and Snarf's.

Triple Bypass – annual mountain bike ride (Clarification: It is a bicycle ride in the mountains—though not a ride on mountain bikes. Important distinction.) that climbs over three killer Colorado mountain passes, thus earning its clever name. It's the kind of ride your friends will convince you is a good idea, but you may well start cursing them when you are riding over Squaw Pass in a friggin' snow storm (yes, it happens) in the middle of July. If you finish this one, you deserve a beer, or six.

Chapter 7.

Indian summer – a period of lovely weather after the first snow. In good years, we'll get a few of these (I'm pretty flexible about my Indian summers; I count any really good weather after any really bad weather.) I'm a big fan of Indian summer.

Village Cafe – I'm a #5 over easy with english muffins (by the way, if you're one of those readers who is troubled that the e in english isn't capitalized, or that the f in french toast wasn't capitalized, please check the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition, 8.65.) The official name of the place is the Village Coffee Shop. For some reason that name has never stuck in my head. I was introduced to it by friends who called it "the Village" or "the Cafe" (pronounced like safe – the Village is so not a café .) It has been in Boulder across the street from McGuckins since before McGuckins was even there to be across the street from. If you sit at the counter, you will get schooled in the fine art of short order.

Smart Car – Swatch and Mercedes came up with this together. That explains a lot, but I'm still not sure it was wise.

Lucile's – officially, Lucile's (note the solitary l in the second syllable) Creole Café (this one is not a cafe, it's a café.) Heir to Nancy's as Boulder's go-to place for breakfast and brunch.

Nancy's – I begin to date myself (or continue to date myself.) Predecessor to Lucile's in the 14th Street location, and the previous go-to place in town for breakfast and brunch. In a later incarnation, Nancy's briefly existed in the real block of Boulder where Alan & Diane's fake block of Walnut Street currently exists (at least in my imagination.) Got that? If we could collapse restaurant time, the final iteration of Nancy's would be adjacent to The Bitter Bar (and near the lovely Southern Exposure), but we can't, and it's not, but perhaps more on that later. I'm including Nancy's on this list even though I don't have a link. Sorry. I miss the biscuits and the herb cheese omelet that much.

Colorado Building – architecturally, not my favorite building in Boulder, but I'm going to resist the urge to rant. This structure was the last home of my actual clinical psychology practice, back when people still called me "Doctor" without being ironic.
Colorado Building

Daily Camera – Boulder's fine legacy newspaper. It happens to inhabit another one of my architecturally not-favorite buildings in Boulder. and
Daily Camera.

Chapter 8.

Chapter 9.

Waldorf salad – For the record, I don't like walnuts. It has to do with a walnut tree in the back yard when I was a kid, and eating the nuts until I puked. The classic salad is:

Downtown Boulder Mall (Pearl Street Mall) – call it what you will, it's one of the most successful transformations of an un-invigorated urban downtown I've ever seen. Alan's mythical office is a couple of blocks away, and the focus of a chunk of his emotional energy during this story, the Daily Camera site, is right across the street. A great place to hang if you come to town. You won't be alone, I promise.

Amuse bouches – I like to think of them as smile bites. Literally, they are more like "mouth amusers."

St. Julien Hotel – a real location close to Alan and Diane's fictional offices, it's oft-mentioned in the books. Arguably, Boulder's finest public inn. Even though their literature promises views of the "Flatiron Mountains" (no such animal, I'm afraid), they're forgiven, and here's a link.

Brasserie Ten Ten – across from the St. Julien, and anchoring one end of the Tenth Street Alley—which actually exists, but may not be called that—a fine, relatively recent addition to downtown wining and dining.

Centro – Alan and Sam met up with Dee here at the end of The Siege. It's at the other end of the Ten Street Alley (if that's what it's called.) A great people-watching patio on any of many warm Colorado evenings. Yes, we get many more al fresco nights than outsiders think. One of Dave Query's many successes.

The Kitchen – another of Alan's favorites, and a frequent hangout of Kirsten Lord, it's the Boulder restaurant that gives fresh, local sourcing a great name. Inhabits the old Stage House Books space. I really, really, really wish they were still open for breakfast. Sigh.

Salt – I'm getting hungry. Salt is where Tom's Tavern was. Everyone who ever spent an hour in downtown Boulder before 2008 or so is now oriented. If you've been lucky enough to enjoy a long, leisurely meal at the Chautauqua Dining Hall and wondered who was responsible? Bradford Heap, that's who. Salt is his store. There's a whole lot of Salt in The Last Lie.

Maaco – an integral part of my favorite analogy in The Last Lie.

Tom's Tavern – the aforementioned predecessor to Salt. A Boulder legend. Good burgers that memory transforms into great, slightly above average fries, cold beer. And, oh yes, paper place mats. I miss Tom's, and I'm not alone in that longing. All I could find to send you to was an obit.

1894 Flood – the last big one, and the one everyone who has ever sat through a downtown planning meeting is worried about. If you do the 100-year-flood arithmetic, we're past due. Maybe way past due. Hint for visitors: when the sirens go off, you may not want to be hanging out on the bridge section of the Main Library.

Liquor Mart – Colorado's arcane liquor store ownership laws cause the state to be dotted by liquor stores the size of Rhode Island. This was the first, and it's still one of the best.

West End Tavern – since Sam gave up his cable, he sits at the end of the bar here watching Avs games. Tourists sit up on the roof and enjoy a view that makes jaws drop. A short block away from Alan's mythical office.

Chautauqua – a local and national historical marvel . One of the only remaining Chautauquas in the country. Boulder's first of many greenbelt purchases, and the spectacular entrance to Boulder's hiking main street, the Mesa Trail.

Flatirons – if you ignore the Rocky Mountains—I know, hard to do—the Flatirons are Boulder's defining geophysical landmarks. These rock faces are what the nice folks at the St. Julien call the Flatirons Mountains. To everyone else around here, they're just the Flatirons. There are five, and they are numbered, but I always forget whether to start counting at the south end, or the north end. Local knowledge: When people talk about hiking the second Flatiron (or the first or the fourth, whatever) they're most likely talking about doing it from the backside, not straight up those faces. Most of us don't consider that to be cheating.

Chapter 10.

WITSEC – the Witness Security Program, popularly known as the witness protection program. Carl Luppo and Kirsten Lord are both alums.

Carl Luppo – one of my favorite creations, who is actually not much of a creation at all. For more about Carl read:
The Program

Avs (Colorado Avalanche) – Colorado's National Hockey League franchise. One of Sam Purdy's true loves. Nowadays, they're young and they try hard, at least most of the time. Personally, I miss Foppa.

Chapter 11.

Baseline Road – included solely because not enough people find this interesting.

Chapter 12.

Tysabri – a monoclonal antibody used to treat Multiple Sclerosis, administered monthly by IV. Btw, when the warnings about a medication are longer than your arm, I think you should pay attention to them. Just saying.

303 – Colorado's legacy area code, from the time when phones were plugged into walls, and parents warned children under penalty of death not to call "long distance."

Boulderado Hotel – Boulder's first luxury hotel. A stunning place for a stay, a meal, or a drink. When you walk into the lobby, don't forget to look up. Then plan to stay in that position for a while.

Arnold Palmer – what Alan will not call an iced tea mixed with lemonade.

Lee Hill – a hill (as opposed to a mountain) north of Boulder. (It is worth keeping in mind that vertical protuberances that many parts of the country call mountains, we are likely to call hills. It's all a matter of perspective. Our peculiar perspective goes way up in the air.) Lee Hill is part of the foothills of the Rockies (the foothills being the first line of hills that ease into the Front Range, which is composed of mountains and hills.) We call hills like Lee Hill "hogbacks." You'll know why the moment you see it. Diane and Raoul live on Lee Hill Drive (which I almost always call Lee Hill Road) right where it becomes Olde Stage (it must have been a very old stage, perhaps even an olde English one. No, I don't know what the extra e is doing on a road in Boulder.) All I can link to is a map, sorry.
Lee Hill Map

The Hill – the student neighborhood due west of the University of Colorado campus that slopes up to toward the foothills. The small commercial district near Broadway is, I think, actually called University Hill. The Hill is proud home to Delilah's Pretty Good Grocery, which as far as I know has not yet been purchased by Whole Foods.
The Program

Chapter 13.

The God Walken (Christopher) – a video of the man himself cooking a chicken with an awful lot of salt. I find him most amusing.

Tweety Bird – cartoon bird.

Palisade peaches – lots of places think they have the absolute best peaches. When weather conditions have been kind, it's hard to top these wonders from the Western Slope.

Storage Tech – known over the years as Storage Technology, StorageTek, STC, and probably other things. I used to know dozens of people who worked there. Now? I think it's part of Sun, but some oil company recently bought the facility and have leveled all the ugly old buildings. Raoul used to work there, too.

Chapter 14.

The Peloton – condominium complex named after the lead pack in a bicycle race. Hella Zoet lives there. You probably can, too.

Chapter 15.

Eldorado – town, and canyon, just south of Boulder. Former resort, current rock-climbing Mecca. Wonderful park. Great natural springs.

Bolder Boulder – Boulder's famous 10k race. If you run in Colorado, you've probably done this a few times over the past few decades.

Francis Ford Coppola – Francis and I met in the upstairs café at Chez Panisse in the wee hours after the Bastille Day service was completed in 1972, the year that he released a movie called The Godfather. Only one of us recalls the encounter, I'm sure, and it's not Francis. He made some great movies before we met, and a few after.

Chapter 16.

TMJ – temporomandibular joint (disorders).

Chapter 17.

Chapter 18.

Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery – east of the Boulder Mall. Sam seems to be fond; Alan is suspicious of Sam's fondness.

Snarf's – homegrown Boulder sandwich emporium that is morphing into a chain with stores throughout the greater metropolitan area. I eat the sandwiches much more often than I probably should. I love the rotisserie chicken sandwich with everything but onions. For the record, that particular sandwich is not on their menu, but they'll have it available nine times out of ten—just ask. No, I don't know why it's not on the menu. Reubens aren't on the menu either, but they'll make you their version of those, too. Again, I don't know why. Maybe some mysteries should stay mysteries.

Yelp – you probably know what Yelp is, but Alan is surprised that Sam does.

Scree – the name people can never remember for the loose rocks that cover mountain faces above timberline. Most states don't have mountain faces above timberline. Colorado has a lot of them. Fifty-four of the US's sixty-eight fourteen-thousand foot mountains are in this state. Come visit sometime and slip on our scree. Though you'll soon find that's not nearly as much fun as it sounds.

Fred's – Fred's was an old time coffee shop/restaurant on Pearl Street. People swore by the pie, but I was never a fan. Of the pie. But of Fred's? Absolutely. Can't find a link. If you want to visit the spirit in person, Fred's was right across from the old courthouse.

Stage House Books – for years, the place for used books in Boulder. Had that perfect used-bookstore smell. Killed by real estate prices, ABE, eBay, and Amazon. The Kitchen now fills its voluminous space. Big loss, and I can't find a good link.

Printed Page – Pearl Street book and sundry store from the old days. The owners were kind enough to offer an author no one had ever heard of (me) his first-ever book signing. Virginia and Val? A hand on heart "Thanks." Sorry, can't find a link.

Shannon's – once again, linkless. An Irish pub on Pearl Street across from the Daily Camera that just fell down one night in the seventies. Strangest thing. Can't find a link. Maybe it was all just a too-many-Black-and-Tans dream . . .

Dot's Diner – there have been a few iterations, but my favorite was the original one on west Pearl in the old service station. That was well before the neighborhood got cool enough to be called the West End. Dot's is where I fell in love with grits. A true southern greasy spoon, and I mean that with utmost affection. I hear there's one down on 28th Street now, but that just doesn't feel right.

Deirdre (Dee) – CIA analyst from The Siege. Something tells me Sam and Alan aren't done with her.
The Siege

Chapter 19.

Cordillera – resort in the Vail Valley. Infamous site of the initial interpersonal interactions that led to the even more infamous case of People of Colorado v. Kobe Bean Bryant. More on that below. Much more. Don't say you weren't warned.

Edwards – Eagle County valley town nearest to Cordillera. Not far from Avon (which is home to a bridge name "Bob") which is not far from Vail on I-70.,_Colorado

Arrowhead – small ski area west of Beaver Creek. Started off as private (part of a country club), became independent and open to the public (I loved it there, which is a clue to how good a skier I am/was), but is now part of the Vail Resorts/Beaver Creek/Bachelor Gulch empire.

Impossible J – a jumpshot mere humans can't make in basketball. Sorry, don't have a link.

Dirk (Nowitzki) – forward, Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. Capable of making the impossible J. In The Last Lie, has one made on him by Kobe.

Chapter 20.

SportsCenter – ESPN's nightly roundup of things sport. Sam is a fan.

Oprah – 'nuff said. When my son was learning to read, he moved around the letters to make the name sound more sensical and called her Oharp.

Ellen – more daytime television.

The View – and more daytime television. A warning about the link: it's one of those annoying websites that starts playing loud music whether you want it to or not. I hate it when that happens.

O.J. (Simpson) – sorry I even mentioned him, but I had to. Out of principal, I won't provide a link.

Chapter 21.

People of CO v. Kobe Bean Bryant – this is the original criminal complaint against the NBA star. I was on a book tour in Europe when this story came down. I had no idea at the time that it would become something that I couldn't let go of. The link is to a pdf.

Devil's Thumb – the Boulder version (I know, there are others) with the occasionally controversial apostrophe. It's a rock formation south of the Flatirons in the foothills of the Front Range. Depending on your mood, and the angle of view, the protrusion may appear to be a thumb, or it may appear to be a less PG part of Satan's anatomy.
The Thumb

Michael Jackson – the King of Pop. You already know all this, or enough of it to know you don't want to know any more. Either way.

Roman Polanski – convicted sex offender. Acclaimed movie director. Fugitive.

S'mores – odd campfire concoction. I always burned something. The marshmallows, my fingers, my tongue. Not a fan. I prefer to eat the components separately, skipping the white goo entirely.'more

Helena Bonham Carter – fine actress who doesn't get the credit she deserves, so I'm giving her a little.

Bellatrix LeStrange – Harry Potter character played by Helena Bonham Carter.

Kobe Bryant's Statement of 9/1/04 – from the day I heard it the first time, I found this statement to be so perplexing on so many levels that I ended up writing a book—yes, The Last Lie—to try to make sense of it.,2933,131194,00.html

Chapter 22.

Kitchen Stadium – set of a television competitive cooking show.

Mario Batali – fine chef and restauranteur. Knows his way around Kitchen Stadium. I had lunch with him once in New York City. He didn't know it because he was at the next table conversing with someone else entirely. Wears Crocs.

Chapter 23.

Amante – closest actual coffee place to Alan's mythical office and its mythical block of Walnut Street.

Duke Lacrosse – an example of the complexities of prosecuting rape.

Hofstra Gang Rape – and another. 

Chapter 24.

Uggs – shoes from Down Under. A certain style is coveted by Lauren.

The Sink – a bar on The Hill that has catered to students since long before I was one at the University of Colorado, and that was a long, long time ago.

Breckenridge – fine, big ski area in Summit County. Locals are prone to call it Breck. It's also a little town that has not been as contaminated as some others by its success with tourists.

Chapter 25.

Celestial Seasonings – a Boulder original, founded by a Boulder original, Mo Siegel, now part of some natural food conglomerate, which if it isn't an oxymoron, maybe should be.  Mostly, they make tea.

Chapter 26.

Chapter 27.

Coq au vin– Julia Child's recipe is just fine.

Chapter 28.

Left Hand Canyon – first major canyon into the Front Range north of Lee Hill Road. The path to Jamestown, among other places. Here's a map.
Left Hand Canyon Map

Centennial Grand (Steinway) – we're talking pianos. Basically, information of infrequent utility (also known as trivia).

Irkutsk – a region that exists in my imagination only because of the game of Risk

Glock – Lauren has a carry permit. A Glock is what she carries with it.

Chapter 29.

Chapter 30.

Drudge – online news aggregator and generator with a POV.

E! – a multi-media microscope on all things celebrity.

Huffington Post – another online news aggregator and generator with a POV.

TMZ – another celebrity-centric multi-media thingy.

Rohypnol – one of the date rape drugs. Roofies.

Chapter 31.

Boulder County – hopefully, by now, self-explanatory.

Nederland – a town that is quirkier than Boulder, but much less quirky than its neighbor, Ward. Both are in the western (mountain) side of Boulder County. Nederland is the proud site of Frozen Dead Guy Days.

Indian Peaks – wilderness region near Nederland. Nederland is surrounded by wilderness, mostly.

Table Mesa – one of Boulder's first suburbs. It's south of town, west of Broadway, but no longer out of town. Except where it runs into greenbelt (which, fortunately, is often) Boulder has caught up with its original burbs. Good thing? Bad thing? You get to decide. For purposes of this story, Table Mesa's proximity to Devil's Thumb and to NCAR is important .
Table Mesa Map

NCAR – one of I.M. Pei's delights (see, I don't dislike all of Boulder's late twentieth century architecture.) National Center for Atmospheric Research. And one of the few major exceptions to Boulder's development Blue Line.

Boulder Theater – beautiful old art deco theater on 14th Street in downtown Boulder. It's between the Mall and Lucile's, facing the courthouse. Really, you can't miss it. For my fictional mistreatment:
Harm's Way

Chapter 32.

CBI – Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Chapter 33.

Chapter 34.

Manzanillo – pacific coastal resort south of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Quite a sleepy place in the seventies when I almost got arrested/kidnapped/murdered just outside of town. Otherwise, fond memories. I haven't been back to witness how it's changed. I suspect I wouldn't be happy.

Cripple Creek – great name for a frontier town, which it was. Now it's one of Colorado's three designated mountain hamlets permitted legalized gambling. Don't get me started; I didn't vote for any of it.

72 Hour Hold – shorthand for the legal authority vested in Colorado healthcare providers, including licensed psychologists, to hospitalize an individual against his or her will for up to seventy-two hours.

Seven Hills – residential area near Henderson, Nevada, not far from Las Vegas .,_Nevada

Chapter 35.

Expansive soil – for everything you ever wanted to know about bentonite.

Chapter 36.

Chapter 37.

Routt County – High Country county of rare beauty, home to Steamboat Springs.

Steamboat Springs – lovely resort town in Routt County. Summer, winter, doesn't matter. Western with a capital W.

Maglite – big, heavy flashlight that you would not want to be hit over the head with. I'm thinking this one.

Chapter 38.

Toms – Alan and I wear the same shoes. I have more than I should. The fact that each pair I buy puts shoes on a child's feet somewhere else is all the rationalization I require for my excess.

Chapter 39.

Dumbwaiter – small residential elevator systems intended to move domestic supplies between levels of a multi-story home.

Chapter 40.

Chapter 41.

Chapter 42.

Chapter 43.

Make My Day – Colorado's once-controversial protect-my-dwelling statute. Count me among the minority who think it should still be controversial.

Chapter 44.

Chapter 45.

Chapter 46.

The Bitter Bar – the block where Alan and Diane's practice doesn't actually exist – I added a block to Walnut Street to accommodate my imagination. But, if the pretend block wasn't there The Bitter Bar would be right across the street from the old Victorian.

Chapter 47.

Chapter 48.

Hmong – Boulder is home to a significant population of Lao Hmong refugees.

Iron Range – the mining region in the northeastern section of Minnesota. Sam Purdy was born there. His accent and the peculiarities of his vocabulary ("goofy") come from there, too.

Walleye – prized lake fish in Minnesota. Needless to say, Sam is a fan.

Frederick – small, but growing, rural Weld County town north of Boulder. Site of one of Sam Purdy's darkest secrets.  and
Dry Ice.

Chapter 49.