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Not much of a spoiler . . .

Early in The Last Lie, Stephen writes about a family dinner in Spanish Hills for Lauren and Alan and Jonas and Grace. The meal involves panko-crusted salmon and creamed corn (the corn is Colorado's Olathe Sweet, of course, but that detail got edited out unceremoniously.) The sentiment of the passage involves Jonas's enduring connection to his dead mother, Adrienne, through the music she loved, especially the music of her favorite band, Girlyman, and a particularly poignant song called "Tell Me There's a Reason."

Curious about what the family was listening to over supper that night? Well, the very real group Girlyman has kindly granted us permission to post a link to an MP3 of the song. You can play it for free, here:

Tell Me There's A Reason MP3

And you can find more about Girlyman at

and at





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