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"Nuanced, vivid characterizations—especially of the right-wing fanatics who are the possible conspirators behind the nasty goings-on in White's third novel—makes this an engrossing thriller… He's cooked up a thriller that will keep…his large readership happily entertained."  –  Publisher's Weekly

"A thriller whose characters possess such psychological complexity that readers become as preoccupied with plumbing their depths as with figuring out whodunit...White defies stereotypes to produce some of the subtlest an most teasing red herrings ever."  –  Kirkus Reviews

"Sinister and scary."  –  New York Times Book Review

"Much background research supports fine prose, subtle characterization, and intricate plotting."  –  The Library Journal

"A plot as intricate as it is mesmerizing.  Stephen White just keeps on getting better."  –  The Denver Post

"…the book offers a pleasant mix of suspense and entertainment."  – Booklist

"Absorbing, intriguing, chilling…a most engaging thriller." –  San Diego Union-Tribune

"Stephen White scores again…fast-paced…a captivating read!" – Milwaukee Journal

"…a white-knuckle plot of sexual harassment and an attempted cover-up…White paces his book skillfully right down to the last page." – The Rocky Mountain News

"A dazzler."  –  The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"An intriguing, compelling grabber."  –  The Boulder Daily Camera

"A powerful piece of storytelling…tense and chillingly real."  –  John Dunning


Higher Authority

Signet Paperback, ISBN: 0451185110

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