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"Serpentine and sexy…Once again, White offers plenty of red herrings…"  –  Kirkus Reviews

"Gripping."  –  New York Times Book Review

"This highly recommended title is skillfully plotted with a cast of finely drawn characters and a strong sense of place."  –  The Library Journal

"…engrossing. White, a psychologist, informs this intricate tale with convincing emotion." –  Publisher's Weekly

"Fascinating psychological suspense."  – The San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle

"Alan Gregory is a winsome hero, sensitive, sensible and self-deprecatingly funny.  Stephen White…[his] prose is precise and elegant.  His plots are gratifyingly straightforward and credible, without a hint of melodrama.  His characters are people you know, even the killers."  –  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Superb…one of the best thrillers of the year…Stephen White gives us fresh and suspense-filled plotting, disarmingly genuine characters and writing at a level this genre seldom produces."  –  The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"…White combines tension and a marvelous sense of place with a genuine puzzle that should keep readers guessing right up to the final moment." –  The Denver Post

"Intelligent…develops a terrific head of suspenseful steam."  –  West Coast Review of Books

"Breakneck riveting suspense…a top notch thriller."  –  Just Books

"Taut, tightly-spooled storytelling…difficult to put down." – The Rocky Mountain News


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