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"bestseller White's engrossing 20th and final novel featuring Boulder, Colo., psychologist Alan Gregory … The shocking finale confirms White's central metaphor, drawn from the local story of tightrope walker Ivy Baldwin, who frequently crossed a half-mile canyon on a wire without a net and sometimes at night: life for the tormented psychologist is a fearful balancing act, where the only absolute is his desire to protect his children. He may survive, but at what cost to his soul?"
— Publishers Weekly

""Compound Fractures" underscores what a superb writer White is. He's not just good at plotting, the crux of a fine mystery, but he infuses the story with pathos and sorrow as well as humor."
— Denver Post

"This is an excellent wrap-up to a consistently excellent series, but it may be, at least for some readers, a difficult book to read, because finishing it means saying goodbye to an old friend."
— Booklist

"What COMPOUND FRACTURES does is deconstruct and reconstruct everything that Gregory knows and believes. ...COMPOUND FRACTURES is one of White's smartest novels."

"Fans sad to see the saga end will be enthralled by its daring crescendos"
— Kirkus

"I found Compound Fractures totally gripping but am sorry to see the last of Dr. Alan Gregory; I'll miss this engaging protagonist."



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