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Cold Case (2000)

"White's shrewd mystery, the eighth and best in the series..." – Kirkus Reviews

     A cold case. Buried beneath the snows of the Colorado Rockies.  Filed away in the annals of unsolved crimes. The grisly double murder of two teenage girls who went out one crisp autumn evening — only to be found the following spring, their young bodies mutilated. A crime that left two families — and a quiet mountain community — irrevocably scarred.
     Now, over a decade later, an organization calling itself Locard — an elite group of prosecutors, federal agents, forensic specialists, and others — is reopening the case at the request of one of the families. And one of its members, a retired FBI agent, has just summoned clinical psychologist Alan Gregory and his wife, Boulder County Assistant D.A. Lauren Crowder, to Washington to join forces with them.
     With Lauren doing some local legal fieldwork, Alan is asked to create psychological profiles of the two dead girls. As he reconstructs the lives of Tami and Mariko — two girls basking in the glow of ripening adolescence yet shadowed by secrets they kept from their families and from each other — what began as a rarefied exercise in psychological detection evolves into a dangerous game of cat and mouse between Alan and Dr. Raymond Welle. A therapist-turned-U.S. Con- gressman who has built an empire on the sheer force of his blustery will and fierce ambition, Welle has a damning connection to one of the victims. And his own life is not untouched by violence: several years earlier, his wife was murdered on their Elk Valley ranch by a suicidal patient.
     When someone close to the investigation is killed, Alan steps up his own search for answers, following leads into the high country near Steamboat Springs.  Here, in a place where an earth-shaking windstorm is laying waste to an entire forest, the truth begins to emerge. It is a truth hidden in the deadly confidences between a doctor and a patient, a husband and a wife, and two teenagers from the rest of the world. A truth Alan Gregory may not survive.
     In a novel that probes the painful memories of the dead to bring a killer to long-awaited justice, Cold Case tells a gripping story of crime and punishment, tragedy and retribution…and how the privileged secrets meant to protect the innocent can sometimes shield the guilty, as well.


Cold Case (USA)

Signet Paperback, ISBN: 0451201558

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