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"Crime-fighting psychologist Alan Gregory untangles a vexing unsolved case of double murder in the Colorado Rockies in this rousing page-turner by thriller specialist White.  ...White drives the story through agile plotting and fine character- izations to a clever, surprise ending.  ...his fans will enjoy the action and the way the series's main characters evolve in this latest entry." – Publishers Weekly

"White's shrewd mystery, the eighth and best in the series...doubles as an engrossing catalogue of lonely misfits and aging oddballs for whom the murder of two teenaged girls becomes a metaphor for their own inability to put their pasts behind them. ...Superbly insightful, with delightful minor characters and a plot that races along..." – Kirkus Reviews

"Once again, White spins a suspenseful tale involving fascinating characters and leaves some questions to be answered the next time around.  A first-rate addition to an increasingly popular series." – Library Journal

"...this may be White's best entry yet in the popular Alan Gregory series." – The Chicago Tribune

"If you haven't met Gregory yet, "Cold Case" is an excellent introduction...The deceptive plainness of the prose, the precision of the plotting and the accuracy of the research add up to a read that appeals to the head as well as the heart.  His cast of characters is rich and vivid....the explosive conclusion is full of that rarest of commodities in detective fiction: genuine surprises." –

"Stephen White's latest a winner ...White has continued to enthrall readers with plausible and exciting plots and continuing characters who attract our interest and affection ...What all this boils down to in "Cold Case" is a superbly written and literate thriller..." – The Denver Post 

"Stephen White's latest thriller "Cold Case," a fast-paced enjoyable page turner." – The Boulder Planet

"The plot is rewardingly complex... the whodunit aspects of the story are almost certain to keep you guessing until the very end.  And the end itself is both spectacular and satisfying in the sense of seeing some justice done." –


Cold Case (USA)

Signet Paperback, ISBN: 0451201558

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