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Blinded UK Edition (2004)

     To what lengths will we go to close our eyes to what we don't want to see?
It's a week before Thanksgiving in Boulder. Psychologist Alan Gregory is juggling his responsibilities as a father, a husband and doctor when a beautiful woman walks into his office with an astounding admission. Gibbs Storey, whose looks turn grown men into dazzled adolescents, tells Alan that she thinks her husband, Sterling, may have murdered a woman, one of her friends. Blandly recounting a history of dangerous sexual encounters, Gibbs then stuns Alan again with another revelation: she thinks there are other victims...and that her husband is not finished killing yet.
     Struggling with a strict confidentiality agreement, Alan walks a perilous ethical line by revealing just enough to interest his detective friend, Sam Purdy, and start a search for a missing Sterling Storey and a string of innocent victims. Alarmed for Gibbs' safety, yet baffled by her strange admissions, Alan and Sam begin attacking the case from two sides. As Alan continues his sessions with Gibbs, struggling to reconcile her tales of a dark, twisted marriage with the calm, cool woman sitting before him, Sam races down South, certain he is hunting a serial killer on a last, frantic rampage. But even Sam cannot know the secrets that Gibbs Storey is still revealing to Alan Gregory in his Boulder office, the secrets that Alan is keeping to himself—or that somehow, somebody else has already heard them all...
     Stephen White weaves together threads of a story that is both heartbreaking and truly terrifying. From the deadly danger that stalks Alan's family and career to the risks that Sam Purdy takes with his life, from the bonds that hold men and women together to the betrayals that tear them apart, Blinded chillingly depicts a shocking evil that no one can see... Until it is too late.

Blinded is available in paperback and hardcover in the UK, the USA and Canada. It is also available as an AudioBook, an eBook, and in large print.

You can also find Blinded in an omnibus edition coupled with Missing Persons. This edition is available in the UK.


Blinded (UK)

Time Warner Paperback  2005, ISBN: 0751534390

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