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"Using his own real-life experiences as a psychologist to portray clients and cases with sympathy and realism, White skillfully blends sexual tension, domestic strife, moments of humor, a variety of striking characters, and a tautly constructed plot. The book's literary allusions will delight readers; current fans will rejoice, and newcomers will certainly want to check out White's earlier works (e.g., Warning Signs). Highly recommended." – Library Journal

"Absorbing.... White is known for his surprise endings, and this one is no exception. ... an engrossing addition to an excellent series."
Publishers Weekly

"White has a track record for high-octane psychological thrillers...and this one fills the bill perfectly." – BookList

"That White anchors his stories with domestic dramas makes a fast, scary read full-bodied. His finale brings "Blinded" to a startling climax. You may see it coming but not in time to brake before full impact." – New York Daily News

""Blinded" stands as White's best work. It is his 12th book and he just gets better and better. He carries the label of thriller or mystery writer, but his graceful prose and insightful development of characters make him an author worthy of the title without any limiting adjectives." – Denver Post

"This book is a fitting addition to the already excellent line of Alan Gregory novels." – The Flint Journal

"...BLINDED is fresh and the new approach to his ensemble is sure to rivet fans and garner new readers to his work. One note: the notion of a series often intimidates readers new to an author, but have no fear about this writer's collection—you can jump right in at book twelve with no problem." –

"His powerful use of imagery pulls in the reader from the first sentences. ...The tale evolves, alternating between Alan's and Sam's point of views, with quite a few surprises, a depth of psychological insight, interesting sub-plots, and all kinds of intriguing minor characters."

"...perhaps one of the best in the series. ...Not only is this latest filled with the characters we have grown to love, but they seem to have gotten even better in this highly engaging and suspenseful tale of madness, marriage, and murder. ...Everything one might love in a great mystery is here in abundance: appealing characters, unabated suspense, rapid-paced plotting, and of course, intelligence and depth. Kudos to Mr. White for keeping things real and keeping them fresh."

"I strongly recommend this book to be read with ALL the lights on & your seat belt fastened! It's a fast paced psychological thriller that you won't want to miss with a wide variety of colorful characters. This is my first book that I've read by Stephen White, but now I want to read ALL his books!" – Reader Review,

"By the end of the book, Alan and Sam became personal friends of mine who I laughed and cried with. I had all I could do not to give in to the urge and read the end before finishing the book."
Reader Review,

"The latest Alan Gregory mystery is different from the previous one because chapters are alternated between the psychologist and in this novel his co-star Sam. This technique works quite well as the audience receives two perspectives that come together with Stephen White's typical ending twist that is always is fun to follow."


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Dell Paperback 2005, ISBN: 0440237432

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