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"...another page-turning thriller. ...tightrope tense plotting, three dimensional characters, interesting subplots and his usual insights into life's little ironies." – Denver Post

"Revenge may be sweet, but in Stephen White's The Best Revenge it is also deadly. ...It is up to Gregory, as usual, to save the day by uncovering dangerous inner secrets. He does it with speed, sensitivity and panache, making The Best Revenge well worth a few hours on the couch." – The Orlando Sentinel

"Here's a solid story with great characters and satisfyingly camouflaged twists." – The Charlotte Observer

"The Best Revenge
is easily one of White's best. ...another book that captivates and thrills, while questioning the very human motivations at the heart of the justice system." – Rocky Mountain  News

"...this book will entertain you as a contemporary thriller, and it will make you think. A reader can't ask for more than that." – The Daily Camera

"The Best Revenge is a solid, well-reasoned thriller, set in the marvelously drawn Colorado landscape the author has made his own..." – Jane Adams, Editorial Review

"After a surprise twist, White provides amply plausible explanations for what seem like implausible actions, shedding light on human motivation with personal insights into the psychology of guilt, stress, fear and justice." – Publishers Weekly

"...White's circular plot is both maddening and exhilarating." – Library Journal

"White, with The Best Revenge, continues to shape and develop Gregory and his supporting characters while making them all stronger. His willingness to let his characters breathe, grow and change --- and his ability to let them do so within a fascinating plot structure --- bode well for future novels and for the prospects of an ever-increasing readership base. Very highly recommended." –

"The Best Revenge
has the twists and turns of a Colorado mountain road and is worth looking for when it reaches the shelves." – David Biemann,

"...yet another extraordinarily suspenseful novel... This thrilling novel is simultaneously stimulating and thought provoking, making this one very worthy read." –


TheBestRevenge (USA)

Dell Paperback  2003,ISBN: 0440237424

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